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LED Examples

Lighting Systems and Sales

When it is time to buy your own lighting system, we offer guidance and competitive pricing on all the lines we sell. We sell the same things we rent, so we know they will work for you too! We back up our sales with over 30 years of experience in designing specialty lighting systems for theaters, television studios, architectural features and event venues nationwide. We are the channel distributor for Philips Color Kinetics in Colorado. We have established relationships with many other specialty manufacturers to provide lighting systems tailored to your needs.

See our complete line card.

We can help you budget, design and install a lighting system, from the simple to the most technically sophisticated.

Please call for further info 303-572-9700

We are a Lee Filters dealer and carry Black Foil and Gaffer Tape for your convenience. We are happy to fulfill your orders for expendables and gel.

As an Apollo dealer we can order your standard and custom gobos with quick turnaround and great quality.

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Products used in our rental stock are occasionally sold at competitive prices.  All equipment has been professionally maintained.

Commercial and residential LED bulbs

1KS Series Slim Line LED LuminaireThese products will make you smile with their appealing natural light emanations. Energy efficient and mercury free, these bulbs deliver a new threshold of beautiful light for restaurant and retail applications.  Energy efficiency is increased by at least 4x and bulb life ensures less waste and lower maintenance costs. We are an enLux distributor.